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Free Digital Marketing Workshop

Looking for a career in digital marketing? Are you a beginner in digital marketing? Are you an entrepreneur or start up looking for digital marketing for your product? Are you a freelancer planning to start a new career? No need of technical any technical knowledge or any prerequisites. Just come prepared with enthusiasm and eager to learn. This Workshop will cover an overview of the digital ecosystem, the core concepts with relevant examples to support understanding of Digital Marketing.

Few Workshop topics:

  1. Digital marketing strategy .
  2. Overview of Drop shipping
  3. Social Media Marketing for Small business.
  4. Content Marketing .
  5. How to build online Brand of your product.
  6. Digital Marketing & Marketing Automation .
  7. Mobile Marketing & App Optimization .
  8. Email Marketing Workshop
  9. Affiliate Marketing & Earn money online Workshop
  10. E commerce Training ( ads platform Facebook and Google)
  11. Blogging & Branding workshop
  12. Google ads (search engine marketing & Google display ads.)
  13. Lead generation and growth hacking.
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