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Digital Marketing Conference in Mumbai

I was part of the recently held digital marketing conference in Mumbai which was organized for the Google Ads for E-Commerce and Business Owners. I thoroughly enjoyed the various insight given by me and my colleague who was upfront about the challenges faced by the emerging businesses in this digital age.

Generating Business Leads

Each business needs regular new clients to sustain and grow in the markets with respect to selling his products or services to the customers. Whereas on the other hand customers are always looking for high-quality services for their work. There is a huge gap between the right customer and right service provider. Now Google Ads with their marketing is able to cover this gap with providing users with precise information about the service provider on their platform then act as a catalyst to drive growth.

Google Ads are part of the sales and marketing strategies only which works on the specific keywords and targeted audiences. These keywords and subsequent traffic are defined on the basis of the product evaluation and then campaigns are made to target these specific audiences which are more likely to buy products from your site.  

These are the inputs and points we shared with the business owners who were eagerly put their questions based on the real-time problems they faced.

  1. User Experience
  2. Bounce Rate
  3. Social Media Effect
  4. Branding

Google Ads is a comprehensive platform which allows different types of ads and their use for separate business niche were shared with business owners to be integrated with their marketing strategies.

  1. Search Ads
  2. Call Ads
  3. Banner Ads
  4. Video Campaigning
  5. Mobile App Campaigns

Whole Campaign was a complete success as we got in-depth of generating higher businesses leads, early marketing strategies for new startups and experimenting with Google Ads for improvising.

This was all!

Will Share my next conference info soon!

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